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Efforts of the hibikino system lab Ltd.

banner We are business partners to capture also the latest technology trends, work with sincerity to technical problems of our customers.
Ranging from LSI design, development, and testing, we will provide a solution to suit the demands of our customers. It is made possible by taking advantage of the wealth of experience and a variety of networks.
If you have any problems in LSI development, please contact us.

We are a company that, while striving earnestly to the technical challenges of our customers, want to aim to grow with our customers.

In our company has formed a new project by gathering companies that have state-of-the-art technology.

One Stop Service

Efforts also advanced by technical problems experienced so far, we are providing LSI design.

LSI design

We are preparing the system to search to see if you can offer a product to solve the technical problems to customers.

Shelf of the Technology

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