One Stop Service ( LSI Turnkey Network )

Virtual IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer)
Our company as a vertically integrated device manufacturers

We think the design of the semiconductor, manufacturing, specification of up to test, evaluate, schedule adjustment of process and has become a major burden of their respective owners.Human resources for such an adjustment is, are threatening the management of small and medium-sized manufacturers in particular.
In order to reduce the cost of LSI design, we will work seriously to business challenges of our customers.

As a virtual IDM of Kyushu, we will consistently support your LSI design, wafer fabrication, assembly and test.

Current state of the semiconductor design

The semiconductor design companies in recent years, the division of labor that take advantage of the strengths of the company is progressing. In addition, companies that have been manufacturing the semiconductor as IDM has been decreasing year by year.
Under such circumstances, each company has a business challenge of matching specification, schedule adjustment, increased man-hours, and human resource shortage.

If you request us

In Kyushu, we will endeavor to resolve the management issues of our customers as a virtual IDM.

Our company have formed a consortium in Kyushu company you have cooperation since its inception.

Also, when the schedule is considered difficult due to lack of resources, we will be able to provide a variety of solutions.

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